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About Us

BEC design & furniture - is an innovative and unique phenomena of the global furniture market.
This furniture – is a product of art of famous Italian designers, who look at the materials and shapes in a different way.
This furniture – is a plexus of comfort, style and modernity.
BEC design & furniture will undoubtedly emphasize the uniqueness and exclusivity of your event.

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Swish light white
85x65 h - 110 amt - 2
Pivot Ali Baba
D - 60 h - 200 amt - 12
SPLAY black
130 х 70 h - 98 amt - 4
Hexa milky white
192 x 37 h - 112 amt - 4
Peak black
80x80 h - 120 amt - 30
130 x 70 h - 98 amt - 4


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The furniture for catering company BEC design & furniture


Combines an innovative approach in the use of materials, modern design and perfect quality. Italian designers boldly realized their vision when creating new, stylish furniture for events. Comfortable and elegant products from BEC design & furniture will underscore the uniqueness of any celebration.


The organization of any event requires perfect preparation. It’s not just about clearly organizing the cultural program and leisure for guests, but also an optimally designed banquet, a buffet and accommodation. Furniture should be elegant, but strong and light, and also perfectly fit into the overall concept of the event. It is these qualities that the company’s luminous furniture from BEC design & furniture has.


Overseas catering is popular for more than a decade. But in our country, similar holding of official events and celebrations is becoming more widespread. There is a growing demand for beautiful and comfortable furniture, which is not necessary to buy. Very popular rental of furniture for events, banquet chairs, rent of cocktail tables.


BEC design & furniture manufactures luminous furniture for catering, using durable and light materials. We perfectly combine an innovative approach with an original and stylish design. Therefore, our luminous tables, bar counters with lighting, luminous benches, are deservedly popular. If you want to rent luminous furniture for cocktail parties, banquets or other celebrations, please note that the led furniture should be:


  • Stylish;
  • Comfortable;
  • Practical.

    A furniture coating should be moisture resistant and quickly cleaned. We took into account all these nuances in the development and production of our furniture.

    Of course, the equipment for the festivities should fit into the overall design concept. Glowing furniture adds to any triumph of spectacularity and makes it unforgettable. This unusual decision is caused by the fact that tables, chairs and cocktail stands with lighting are well combined with any other shades. And light, streamlined forms of products are pleasing to the eye, perfectly fit into any format of the event. That is why the design of our furniture is so universal.

    By renting luminous furniture of our company, you can be sure that the event will be decorated perfectly and will remain unforgettable for the guests.